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Recovering from Addiction to Prescription Medications

I never thought of myself as an addict, but I did end up addicted to anti-anxiety medication after developing Generalized Anxiety Disorder. At some point, the medicine stopped being a way to deal with the nervousness and panic attacks, and became something my body craved. I knew that I needed help fast. Fortunately, a local drug rehab program includes support for people like me. They helped me wean off the medication, use methods like massage therapy to help my nerves heal, and even provided ongoing counseling for our family. I don't know how I would have made it without their help. If you suspect that your medication has crossed the line from being helpful to hurtful, take heart. Let me tell you about my journey out of addiction and back to wholeness.

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Recovering from Addiction to Prescription Medications

    Addressing Three Questions About Bee Sting Allergies

    A bee sting can be a very painful injury to suffer, and it is an unfortunate fact that there are some people that may suffer more than just pain from this type of sting. Some individuals may have the misfortune of being allergic to bee stings. If you have recently suffered a reaction following a bee sting, you may benefit from having the following few questions answered. How Can You Know If You Suffer From Bee Sting Allergies?

    Warning Signs Of Vision Problems In Children

    As children are still learning, growing, and developing, they may not know how to tell you something is wrong with their vision. This is especially true if you have a child who has not learned how to speak. Fortunately, there are a handful of warnings signs which could indicate your child has a problem with his or her vision. Eyes That Don't Focus Having crossed eyes is known as a condition called Strabismus.

    Three Lifestyle Changes That May Help Reduce Psoriasis Flare-Ups

    Psoriasis is a complex condition for which there is no cure, but thankfully, there are a lot of things you can do to keep your symptoms under control and reduce flare-ups. In addition to following the medication protocols recommended by your doctor, making various lifestyle changes can help reduce the severity and frequency of your psoriasis flare-ups. Here's a look at three lifestyle changes to start making today. Develop a stress-management strategy.

    Dealing With A Diagnosis Of Ulcerative Colitis

    You've started having stomach cramps after eating, followed by diarrhea. You doctor says you have a type of irritable bowel disease referred to as ulcerative colitis. While not curable, this disease can go away on its own. You may also go long periods without any flare up. Here is what you should know about living well with this disease. Changes in the Bowel Cause This Disease Doctors don't know the specific cause of ulcerative colitis, but it does start with changes in the lining of the intestinal wall.

    Four Tips For Traveling With Cancer

    It is not uncommon to still do many of the same things with cancer as you did before you got a cancer diagnosis including traveling. Taking a trip can be a great way to celebrate the end of treatments or fulfill a goal before starting the treatments. Whatever the reason may be, traveling with cancer can sometimes require a different type of planning than those who are not dealing with cancer.

    How To Recognize Hearing Loss

    As you age, you can start to experience problems with your hearing. It can be difficult for someone who is slowly becoming hard of hearing to even realize it is happening. The reason for this is the changes tend to occur at a slow pace over a long period of time. When your hearing starts to decline at such a slow rate it isn't like you will wake up one day and realize what's going on.

    How A Healthy Diet Can Help Rejuvenate Your Skin Without Harsh Chemicals

    Everyone wants to look the best they can, but have you ever noticed that the healthier someone is, the better their skin looks? The proper diet can keep your skin looking dewy fresh without the risks of chemicals or other harsh treatments. You Truly Are What You Eat Food is probably the most powerful beauty tool you have. Your cells are constantly dying and replacing themselves, especially the cells of your epidermis -- the outer layer of your skin.

    Learn How A Company Who Offers Inventory Services Can Help You Manage The Inventory In A Doctor's Office

    If you are the office manager of a doctor's office, it is important to keep track of everything that is used, received, or distributed on a daily basis to ensure that the doctor's always have what they need to be able to help their patients. Having a great inventory system can be a great way to ensure that the doctors always have the necessary supplies. There are now companies that offer inventory services to help you digitally track every item in the office at all times.