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Recovering from Addiction to Prescription Medications

I never thought of myself as an addict, but I did end up addicted to anti-anxiety medication after developing Generalized Anxiety Disorder. At some point, the medicine stopped being a way to deal with the nervousness and panic attacks, and became something my body craved. I knew that I needed help fast. Fortunately, a local drug rehab program includes support for people like me. They helped me wean off the medication, use methods like massage therapy to help my nerves heal, and even provided ongoing counseling for our family. I don't know how I would have made it without their help. If you suspect that your medication has crossed the line from being helpful to hurtful, take heart. Let me tell you about my journey out of addiction and back to wholeness.

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Recovering from Addiction to Prescription Medications

5 Common Mistakes Patients Make At Urgent Care Clinics

by Valerie Stevens

If you have a non-life-threatening health concern and your regular doctor is not available, your next best option is to go to an urgent care clinic. These clinics offer treatments for many types of medical issues, from flus to urinary tract infections, and are much more affordable than emergency room care. However, if you have never been to an urgent care center, you could make mistakes. Here are some common mistakes to avoid making at urgent care centers.

Not Checking In Online

Although wait times at urgent care centers are shorter than wait times in emergency rooms, some patients still get frustrated with having to wait. If you want to avoid long wait times, do not forget to check-in online before you leave to go to the clinic. 

Thinking All Urgent Care Clinics Are the Same

Not all urgent care clinics offer the same types of services. The last thing you want to do is go to a clinic that can't effectively treat your medical issue. Before you head to an urgent care clinic, call them and ask if they offer the treatment you need.

Not Being Aware of Your Insurance Policy

Some insurance policies cover urgent care visits while others don't. It's important to find out if your policy covers urgent care before you drive down to a clinic. If your insurance does not cover urgent care visits, have an alternate payment plan. 

Confusing Urgent Care with Emergency Care

Too many people do not know the difference between urgent care and emergency care. Emergency rooms can treat life-threatening conditions while urgent care centers can't. Therefore, if you're dealing with a life-threatening sickness or injury, go to the emergency room immediately.

Not Being Completely Honest

When you visit an urgent care clinic, a medical professional will ask you several questions about your health history and the symptoms you are currently experiencing. It is in your best interest to be completely truthful. If you leave out important details because you are too embarrassed, you may not get an accurate diagnosis. Understand that the medical professional who sees you is on your side and will not pass judgment. 

If you avoid making these common mistakes, you should have a successful trip to the urgent care center. If you are dealing with a non-life-threatening medical concern, you should head down to your local urgent care center as soon as possible to see a medical professional.