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Recovering from Addiction to Prescription Medications

I never thought of myself as an addict, but I did end up addicted to anti-anxiety medication after developing Generalized Anxiety Disorder. At some point, the medicine stopped being a way to deal with the nervousness and panic attacks, and became something my body craved. I knew that I needed help fast. Fortunately, a local drug rehab program includes support for people like me. They helped me wean off the medication, use methods like massage therapy to help my nerves heal, and even provided ongoing counseling for our family. I don't know how I would have made it without their help. If you suspect that your medication has crossed the line from being helpful to hurtful, take heart. Let me tell you about my journey out of addiction and back to wholeness.

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Recovering from Addiction to Prescription Medications

3 Useful Tips When Selecting A Pediatrician For Your Child

by Valerie Stevens

After your baby is born, they'll need to see a pediatrician to make sure their health is where it should be. To make sure they receive the right treatment, though, you'll want to keep these tips in mind when finding a pediatrician for your child. 

Assess Credentials 

You can make sure your child is cared for by a competent medical professional by assessing the various credentials a pediatrician has. This just shows they have the necessary skills and knowledge to care for infants and children in particular. 

You'll first want to see if a pediatrician is board certified. This ensures they're routinely learning and taking the necessary exams so that your child receives the best care possible. It also helps to look for pediatricians that are an AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) member. Doctors that are part of this organization adhere to particular guidelines and are constantly bettering their practices.

Ask the Right Interview Questions  

Sometimes the best way to assess a potential pediatrician is to schedule an interview with them. For these interviews to be beneficial, though, you need to ask certain questions. For example, since you're a parent, you'll want to see if the pediatrician has kids. If they do, the pediatrician may be better at working with children and thus give your child better care. 

You'll also want to ask them basic questions, such as how long they've been practicing and what services/treatments they provide. Knowing these details helps you make a more informed decision. Just make sure the questions you ask are relevant to your baby and any conditions they may have. 

Check Availability 

Pediatricians are busy medical professionals, so it's important to think about their availability when choosing one. If the pediatrician runs a smaller practice, their availability may not be as great. Scheduling a same-day appointment may thus be much more difficult.

So that you have more appointment dates to choose from that work for your particular schedule, it may be better to choose a larger practice. There will be more pediatricians on staff that can see your child. It's also a good idea to look for pediatrician practices that stay open late. You never know when your child will get sick or have a medical problem, and facilities that stay open late ensure your child's treatment isn't delayed until the next day. 

Pediatricians play a pivotal role in making sure your baby is healthy and stays healthy after it's born. As long as you take your time assessing the different pediatrician options, your child will receive optimal care. Contact a medical facility like Kitsap Children's Clinic LLP for more information.