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Recovering from Addiction to Prescription Medications

I never thought of myself as an addict, but I did end up addicted to anti-anxiety medication after developing Generalized Anxiety Disorder. At some point, the medicine stopped being a way to deal with the nervousness and panic attacks, and became something my body craved. I knew that I needed help fast. Fortunately, a local drug rehab program includes support for people like me. They helped me wean off the medication, use methods like massage therapy to help my nerves heal, and even provided ongoing counseling for our family. I don't know how I would have made it without their help. If you suspect that your medication has crossed the line from being helpful to hurtful, take heart. Let me tell you about my journey out of addiction and back to wholeness.

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Recovering from Addiction to Prescription Medications

Should You Seek Respite Care?

by Valerie Stevens

If you're the primary caregiver for an ailing parent, child, or other relative, you're probably well accustomed to being "on call" twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. However, even the most dedicated caregiver needs an occasional break -- even for something as minor as running to the grocery store or a doctor's appointment. Luckily, there are caregivers called respite caregivers who can assist you with these needs. Read on to learn more about respite care and whether this service is right for you.

What is respite care?

Respite care is a type of care provided to those who are already serving as full-time caregivers. These caregivers are available on fairly short notice, and can stay for a brief visit up to a full day. Many caregivers use respite care to help watch or care for their charge while the primary caregiver runs errands, goes to visit other family members, or simply engages in a relaxing activity like a spa day or going to see a movie.

Respite caregivers can handle a variety of tasks, including dispensing medicine, bathing or cleaning your relative, providing meals, or simply providing a comforting presence.

How much does respite care cost?

The cost of respite care is highly dependent upon the cost of living in your specific area. Most respite caregivers are employed by a central agency, such as Accu-Care Nursing Service Inc, (like many other types of home healthcare providers) that sets an hourly rate for its employees. This rate includes all other expenses, such as the cost of the caregiver's travels or any medical supplies provided.

Other respite caregivers are independent. This usually means more flexible rates -- however, the rates can be higher or lower than an agency caregiver, again depending on the cost of living in your area.

Is respite care covered by insurance?

Some insurance policies -- including Medicare -- may cover certain types of respite care. If care is being provided to your relative on a temporary basis as he or she recovers from an injury or illness, the cost of any in home care should be fully covered by Medicare. However, if you are seeking respite care for a relative who has a permanent, terminal, or long-term illness, these services are not likely to be covered.

Other long-term care insurance policies may also cover respite care. If your relative has such a policy, read it over carefully to see whether this type of coverage is provided.

However, even if you must pay out of pocket to secure respite care, the intangible benefits of this care are generally well worth it.