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Recovering from Addiction to Prescription Medications

I never thought of myself as an addict, but I did end up addicted to anti-anxiety medication after developing Generalized Anxiety Disorder. At some point, the medicine stopped being a way to deal with the nervousness and panic attacks, and became something my body craved. I knew that I needed help fast. Fortunately, a local drug rehab program includes support for people like me. They helped me wean off the medication, use methods like massage therapy to help my nerves heal, and even provided ongoing counseling for our family. I don't know how I would have made it without their help. If you suspect that your medication has crossed the line from being helpful to hurtful, take heart. Let me tell you about my journey out of addiction and back to wholeness.

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Recovering from Addiction to Prescription Medications

5 Conditions That Can Be Helped With Natural Treatment

by Valerie Stevens

If you have a medical condition, you may be thinking about natural solutions. Natural health solutions are desirable supplements to medication, exercise, diet, and rehabilitation. Here are five conditions that can be treated naturally:

1. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is an issue involving the hands, so you may be surprised to learn that a chiropractor can help. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive stress injury from typing. When the hands and wrists are overused, swelling occurs. The swelling pushes against the nerve in the wrist. Chiropractors can adjust the area, which relieves the pressure and the associated pain and numbness. A chiropractor can even recommend specific exercises that strengthen the wrists.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that causes pain in the joints. Reflexology is a form of massage therapy that can improve arthritis symptoms. Reflexology improves joint range of motion and flexibility. This helps decrease stiffness and pain. Reflexology works through pressure. Pressure is applied to hands and feet. The pressure eases muscles and causes them to relax, which in turn eases joint stress.

3. Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a debilitating nerve condition that causes severe pain in the face. There are limited forms of treatment for this condition. The treatment usually involves pain medication, botox, and muscle relaxers. Acupuncture can also help treat this condition. In fact, acupuncture helped treat a form of trigeminal neuralgia that did not respond to other treatments. With acupuncture, the needles are inserted in the area of the nerve in the face. It is thought that acupuncture works to treat this condition by stimulating the release of endorphins. These endorphins block pain signals.

4. Migraines

Migraines are serious and can keep sufferers from living their day to day lives. Some sufferers have trouble finding treatments that work for them. Pain relievers, dietary changes, and even botox injections offer no relief to some. A natural solution called biofeedback may be able to help. Biofeedback trains you to control your heart rate. When your heart rate increases, blood vessels constrict which can cause migraines. By learning to lower your heart rate, you can dilate your blood vessels. This can prevent and treat migraines.

5. Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition that causes ringing in the ear and even hearing loss. While there are many treatments for tinnitus, there are alternative treatments available. One of these treatments includes transcranial magnetic stimulation. This treatment involves placing a magnet against your forehead. The magnet is turned on with electrical pulses. The magnetism stimulates the nerves that cause tinnitus. This can relieve some of the associated symptoms.

You may want to consider natural solutions or contacting a company like Quality Life Chiropractic & Massage if you have any of the above conditions.